Sea Adventures Malta 

As you walk along the touristy places in Malta, you’re bound to find loads of people promoting cruises/ Gozo tours/ Comino swimming packages etc. However I did a little research before that & found an amazing company – Sea Adventures! 

It was only slightly cheaper than the other comapanies, and you had to make your way to the respective bay, which was about 20-30 mins from St Julian’s. But because the bus stop was within our hotel vicinity, it did not seem too far for us. The reason for choosing this company over the rest was because its boat looks the cutest, newest, and the most comfortable one! The sun bed on the rooftop of the boat is what totally sold me & true enough IT WAS A GENIUS IDEA. You get to lie down and enjoy sun + breeze at the same time, comfortably (which is exactly what you would want on a boat ride isn’t it). On top of that, after your swim the seats dry up as quickly and you do not feel uncomfortable on eeky wet cold chairs! Perfect really.

Another perk about this company is that it isn’t that widely publicized in the city tourist areas (in fact we didn’t see any or even in our hotel) so the crowd was just nice it wasn’t as crazy as some when we saw the whole boat full with people standing around the decks because all the seats have been taken. You obviously wanna go out to sea in the most comfortable experience possible & not be squashed up; it wouldn’t make the after-swimming part pleasant. 

So we left Malta and first stop was Comino Island’s Blue Lagoon. During summer, they would stop by Crystal Lagoon for a dip too. But due to weather conditions this was not allowed at the time of our tour, hence time spent for Crystal Lagoon was used to extend the Gozo island stay. We were given about an hour to swim in Blue Lagoon.

After the icy cold swim experience in Blue Lagoon we took a short trip to Gozo! Of which we booked a mini bus tour with the same company (as a package, pretty worth it in my opinion) and we headed to a church and of course the Asure window (whatever’s left of it) and we were given an hour or so’s free and easy time. 

We had a casual lunch at this little courtyard with beautiful sun, bustling and clinking noises from the utensils, and chattery background noises from all the lively conversations between people. That was pretty much how we spent our free & easy time! Would have loved to explore Gozo a little bit more but short and sweet is great too.


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