Wright Brothers Soho 

Recently we went to Wright Brothers Soho for dinner. They do wholesale seafood, originally near Borough Market but I guess they were that good and expanded to many areas in London too. 

Specifically in Soho & Spitafields, they do happy hour for Oysters where juicy, huge oysters are sold at £1 per piece and served in a huge tray on ice. It’s very tempting but we didn’t make it for the happy hour.

For dinner we were spoilt for choice, the main courses sound amazing too but the seafood platter sold us. They have house Platter for £29.50, full house Platter for £59 and deluxe Platter for £97.50. House Platter is, in our opinion, quite pathetic – some shellfish and 3 oysters… nah not enough for us. So we went for Full House Platter and it looks like that.. 

The oysters are huge, they may not look huge on this photo but they are almost palm size. Prawns were great, very sweet and the rest was great too although not too surprising. 

Crab was the highlight of the night: I’m a huge fan of crab roe, I basically only eat that when I eat crab. That’s what makes it or breaks it for a crab in my opinion. And this one, was definitely amazing. The  amount of crab roe and its sweetness was great enough to melt in your mouth. YF never had crab roe like that before other than the ones from Jumbo Seafood and he was totally blown away by how I’ve been eating crabs. Also I spent years telling him how amazing crab roe is and he never really fully understood why I have so much love for it. Till that night, haha he experienced the best crab roe ever! 


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