Billingsate Market

I’ve always thought that seafood wasn’t that great of a deal in the UK but I recently realized that I’m very wrong. In fact the variety of seafood in the UK is probably even better than those we have back home! & fresher too!! 

We recently took a trip down to Billingsgate market (which is really near where we stay, wonder why we never thought of popping by only until now) at around 5am to catch the fresh seafood. It was considered quite late already, because most of the better crabs were apparently gone. And by the time we arrived, many were leaving. 

We decided to rent a car (enterprise car club is the best thing ever) b/c Uber wasn’t going to be convenient. Carpark was surprisingly cheap, it was £2 for 2 hours. But basically you get loads of parking space, so not to worry!

We bought 3 crabs for £30, huge oysters, 4 pompfret fish for £10, loads of mussels, one container of scallops for £20+, a full salmon for £18 and different prawns at about £8/kg. With that we made ourselves an amazing seafood night feast!  Oh and I also got myself a decent sized packet of smoked salmon trimmings for £2!! Very amazing for my breakfasts! 

Looks amazing doesn’t it. It was super delicious & fresh too. Very happy we made this happen. 


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