Daylesford Organic Farm 

We took a day trip to Daylesford Organic Farm with the intention to join their free sheep tour. Unfortunately when we arrived in the afternoon (after 4.5 hours of drive), tickets were sold out in the morning.

But all is well. The moment I stepped into the grocery section I knew that I was going to spend the bulk of my time there. I was super lost, the variety of things available there was crazy. They’ve got fresh meat, seafood, very amazing selection of dairy products, eggs, fruits, jams, bread, vegetables, nuts, cookies, cakes etc etc. Basically it was a very well designed place where it just entices you to continue buying + shop haha.

Lunch: Possibly the freshest Salad I’ve tasted. They do a combination of salads you want, and we chose 3 different kinds of salads that comes with various dressings. Very impressive. The chicken soup was alright, quite peppery but b/c I was not feeling well so it was good enough for me.

Lastly, their lamb’s pie was fantastic! We will be heading back there soon enough, and I cannot wait to try the food and give my 2nd verdict again 🙂 Till then xx


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